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About LeadToRev

LeadToRev is a smart-marketing agency with specialised, marketing-oriented automation services for SMBs & Startups. We help early-stage startups & SMBs efficiently adopt modern technology; and achieve their POC & Market validation goals with use of advanced, but cost-effective marketing automation systems & related services.

Our precise target market includes bootstrapped or angel-funded startups; or SMBs who struggle with adoption of emerging automation technology in marketing, digital engagement & sales.


SMBs & Early-stage Startups, that collectively are the mainstay of the Indian economy in terms of GDP & employment contribution, face difficulty in using modern-day automation technology for POC, marketing & digital engagement.  According to data from the Ministry of MSME, small businesses contribute around 45% to India's GDP and employ around 120 million people. As per Economic Times, close to 73K registered startups in India have created 7.68 lakh jobs over the past 6 years. DPIIT is targeting another 20L jobs with 50K new startups by year 2025.

According to a study conducted by KPMG India and the Indian School of Business, around 90% of start-ups in India fail within the first five years of operation. It is claimed that over 50% of startups fail because of “lack of market penetration & intense competition”. We intend to address this market segment and give the necessary stimulus to the Indian dream. 

Vision Statement

To enable “digitally inefficient SMBs & Early Stage Startups” with world-class marketing automation capabilities, at an affordable price

Value Proposition

We have developed an advanced automation platform that allows an SMB or Startup to organise and streamline their lead capturing & lead nurturing capabilities with minimal skill, effort and cost. Furthermore, we ensure their success with consultative, managerial and execution level assistance, as a part of our services.


Our Services
Overall, system-driven services enable businesses to integrate following capabilities

  1. Maximise their market outreach & integration capability across diverse digital channels
  2. Smart sign-ups with modern-day opt-in integrations like Forms, QR code, Chatbots, etc
  3. Auto-onboarding & auto-qualification of leads using conversational chatbots
  4. Automation-assisted digital user engagement, Customer journey orchestration & Contextual messaging
  5. User behaviour tracking to record adoption rate & enable user-suggested product improvisation
  6. Systematically compute Lead acquisition cost; and Customer acquisition cost, the most vital KPIs for raising investments

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