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Lead Lifecycle Foundations

How businesses can skyrocket revenue by organising 
Lead Generation, Lead Capture & Lead Nurturing Systems

When and where

Date and Time

December 7, 2022,
12:00 PM – 01:00 PM IST



1 hour
Problem Statement
These are fast changing digital times. And fast changing customer preferences. Every single day, a new technology solution hits the market. Media fragments & disintegrates even further. New channels; new streams of communication give birth to new ways of lead acquisition, lead engagement & conversion. Majority of businesses fail to adapt to these rapidly changing times & struggle to ramp up their marketing systems.

Businesses need to not only survive this storm of digital change but in order to keep growing, they need to thrive on these advancements. More important than ever before, both online and offline businesses need to adopt a Digital Framework for Lead Lifecycle Management. A framework that allows them to plug with new digital ways of lead acquisition & lead engagement with least effort and cost.

Common doubts & dillemas faced by entrepreneurs & marketing managers
  1. How to clearly understand the depth & complexity of changing digital trends/practices in marketing?
  2. There are thousands of software tools and solutions selling in the market. How to find out what will suit best to my business need?
  3. We’ve been trying quite a few software. None of them seems to address our business problems properly. And they just won’t integrate with our systems
  4. Can lead acquisition be really organised? We generate leads through various means. How does it all integrate?
  5. Can we plan our marketing automation in a phased manner? We cannot ignore short-term goals. At the same time, we need to stay prepared for the long-term. How can we strike the right balance?
  6. Where and how can we start to ramp up our marketing and lead management systems?
  7. What budget is the right budget? How should I plan it?
  8. Is this investment really worth it?

In this webinar you’ll learn…
  1. Complexities in adoption of digital ways of lead acquisition & nurturing processes
  2. Three reasons why digital initiatives fail for businesses
  3. Need for organising lead acquisition & nurturing processes
  4. Five components of change to adapt to digital ways of marketing & sales
  5. Three phases of marketing maturity in adoption of digital ways in lead acquisition & engagement
  6. Three mantras for marketing success in digital style

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