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Create Winning Customer Journeys

We enable businesses to implement Peak Performance Marketing

Skyrocket Your Lead Conversion


Automatic Lead Profiling


Compounded Segmentation Rules


Progressive Lead Qualification Levels


Trigger-based Proactive Messaging

We Serve Beyond Software

Consultation & Advisory

Effortless Acquisition

Systematic Lead Capturing

Modern Tools

Instruments like adaptive forms and custom chatbots for personalised engagement

Magical Opt-ins

Effective opt-in integrations allow lead capturing from various channels & mediums

Source Attribution

Keep a performance track of each lead source on-the-fly. Make timely corrections

Lead Contact Master

Let all leads converge from diverse channels, in one place. Get contact info at a single glance

Engagement & Conversion On Fire

Systematic Lead Nurturing

Programmatic Chatbots & Forms

These are chatbots & surveys that are tuned to lead the engagement journey for your leads in the conversion funnel

Drip Email Sequences

An automated email sequence that engage your leads over a period of time, as & when they take specific actions

Automated Social Media Messengers

Engage your leads where they are. Automate your Social Media chatbots & connect them with your engagement system

Automated Lead Journey Orchestration

Build engagement workflows for your leads & customers, as per your business need. Give them a personalised, rich experience

Segmented Bulk Messaging

Multichannel Broadcasting

Bulk Emails

Use Email blast to reach large audiences with ease. Track & resolve issues to optimise conversion

Bulk SMS

An SMS message blast on your target group. Enhance communication with customers & increase conversion

Bulk WhatsApp

Send rich & engaging, multimedia messages to your target audience in bulk on WhatsApp

Bulk Telegram

Send rich & engaging, multimedia messages to your target audience in bulk on Telegram

Tracking Outcomes For KPIs

Digital Activity Monitoring

Deep Website Analytics

An all-in-one website traffic analytics platform. It gives you the data & insight you need to win, with source attribution

User Behaviour Patterns

Segmented view of your users based on their demographic or behavioural patterns. Use compounded segments

Performance Based Report

See LIVE dashboards and reports to evaluate the health of your KPIs & Business critical engagement goals. Make corrections on the fly

Lead Channel Performance

Get a consolidated view of leads captured across all your channels. Also see the channel source attribution. Identify channels that'e not performing

Stay On Top

Project Management Dashboards

KPI Trackers & Dashboards

KPI Trackers are a pertinent checkpost to ensure that your digital activity is moving in the right direction

User Journey Flows

Meticulous planning and improvisation in user journey helps optimise and refine your lead conversion outcomes

Team Management

Member & department wise performance reports of your business makes management easy & efficient

Case Management

All cases, their status, ownership, follow-up schedule & ageing helps keep things under complete control

Dedicated Project Manager

Our project manager keeps your engagement project on track. Clarifies the goals, & coordinates with team for all execution

RevBuddy Mobile App

RevBuddy App is a reporting app for your senior leadership team. It gives you LIVE data points on the fly & keeps you well informed