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Easy & effective move for healthcare organizations

Healthcare organizations are now leveraging Digital Patient Connect and Conversational Engagement to grow & retain their customer base

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Key advantages to healthcare organizations

  • Automated Scheduling of Appointments
  • Reduced Wait Times
  • Attend to FAQs
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Immediate Medical Advice
  • Timely Medication Reminders
  • Widen your reach to wellness resources
  • Greater Brand Value
  • Scalable Customer Service
  • Data Privacy & Confidentiality with Software Integration Interoperability
  • Massive Cost Reduction
  • Improved Communications with Structured & Systematic Patient Engagement
  • Real-time Patient Feedback
  • Automated Billing and Payments
  • Easy & Efficient Remote Pre-Diagnosis
  • Boost Customer Loyalty
  • Chatbots provide 24/7 live support

You can now put a Digital Patient Connect & Relationship System in place for your organization. ProEngage App is an interactive, automated & professional communication system that creates an engaging digital-face for your business

Use Cases in Healthcare Industry

Digitally Active 24 x 7

Interactive digital engagement and automated chatbots are shaping-up the digital face of Healthcare organizations

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These chatbots provides access to some essential service and support systems. These are extremely effective and save a lot of time for the patients and the administrative staff. These can be grouped into the following archetypes

1. Capture lead information
2. General Information dissemination & automation routine ops
3. Build positive patient sentiment (Care / Support)
4. Recording patient testimonials

Diagnostic chatbots check user's symptoms and recommend courses of action. Three general archetypes of diagnosis chatbots emerged

1. Support for diagnosis
2. General symptom checker
3. Specific symptom checker

Popular Chatbot Apps in this category:
Buoy Health, Babylonhealth, Ada, Symptomate Bot, Sensely, K Health, Gyant, Skinive, Clara (CDC), Scout, Gyant

The role assists or provides treatment of specific health declines or conditions (such as pregnancy or therapeutic diet). The therapy services can be grouped into the following archetypes

1. Support for therapy
2. Health therapy
3. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Popular Chatbot Apps in this category:
StopSmoking, The Fodmap Bot, Nova (Rosie), Bariatric IQ, SafeDrugBot, Tia, Talkspace, Meditation Master (T), Serenity Chat, Bounce, Youper

The chatbots in this role assist in tracking and building awareness of a user's health and help prevent health declines by building desirable habits:

1. Access to healthcare
2. Health education
3. Health coaching

Popular Chatbot Apps in this category:
Your MD (Healthily), Gala, Izzy, HealthBuddy (WHO), The Gym Chatbot, Positive Bot, Meditation Master (P), Forksy, FitCircle, FitWell, Verve Health Co, Daily Fitbot, Elomia