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Missing out OmniChannel Engagement?

Omnichannel platforms refer to a unified approach to customer engagement across multiple communication channels. This means that customers can engage with your business seamlessly across different channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, embedded website custom chatbots, and embedded mobile in-app chatbots.

Plug & Play these OmniChannel platforms

WhatsApp APIs

Most popular messaging app that allows businesses to engage lead & customers through chat and other features

FB Messenger

Facebook messenger bot lets you connect with your leads & customers; and engage them on the same platform

Website Chatbot

Custom website chatbot is an AI-powered tool that is embedded on a website to engage, convert, and serve website visitors

Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct automation lets you connect with your leads & customers; and engage them on the same platform

Mobile Chatbot

Mobile chatbot is an AI-powered, in-app tool for mobile apps that is embedded to engage, convert, and serve website visitors

Email Automation

Engage with personalised, targeted campaigns, increasing conversions and revenue through efficient, trackable communication.

Push Notifications

LeadToRev's push notifications increase conversions and revenue with personalized, trackable campaigns.

SMS Automation

LeadToRev's SMS notifications drive engagement and revenue with personalized, trackable campaigns.

Why go OmniChannel?

Reach users where they are
Today's consumers are using multiple channels to interact with brands, so having a presence across all channels helps businesses to reach a wider audience
Higher engagement rates
Omnichannel engagement allows you to reach customers on the channels they prefer, resulting in higher engagement rates
Improved customer retention
When customers are able to engage with your business on their own terms, they are more likely to stick around
Competitive advantage
Not all businesses are taking advantage of omnichannel engagement, so by doing so, you gain a competitive advantage
Improved sales and revenue
By engaging with customers on their preferred channels, you increase the likelihood of converting them into paying customers
More accurate customer data
When customers engage with your business across multiple channels, you gain a more complete picture of their preferences and behaviors
Align Bot Intelligence & Business Goals

OmniChannel Chatbot Inbox

Omnichannel Chatbot Inbox

OmniChannel Chatbox Inbox is a centralized platform where bot conversations from various omnichannel platforms arrive at one place. This platform allows businesses to streamline their customer engagement operations by managing all conversations from a single interface. With this feature, businesses can improve team productivity, reduce response times and achieve better business outcomes. Some of the benefits of OmniChannel Chatbox Inbox include real-time tracking of customer conversations, better collaboration between teams, and the ability to manage conversations from multiple channels in one place.