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Above & Beyond Chatbot Conversations !

Lead & Customer Engagement


Convert Leads Into Revenue, big time !

Conversational engagement of website visitors, leads or customers is the most critical growth factor for businesses today. Systematically integrating these conversations with marketing, sales, service & support functions is essential. ProEngage App helps businesses achieve just that

Organised, digital engagement at its best !

Build your digital prowess on a super-strong, AI-based engagement foundation. ProEngage App adds a magical touch to your marketing, sales, service and support operations in a jiffy

How can
ProEngage App
help my business?

ProEngage App is a reliable & professional, digital delegate that works for your business 24×7. It adds tremendous depth to your engagement capabilities

  • Showcase services
  • Showcase products
  • Capture leads
  • Personalise communication for visitors
  • Engage fresh & existing customers; and understands their needs
  • Auto-process sales transactions and increase revenue
  • Plan & build user journey
  • Track user behavior and rates their engagement levels
  • Reduce cost of customer engagement, service and support
  • Automate repetitive tasks in customer engagement, service & support; build scalability
  • Improve customer satisfaction and helps exceed customer expectation

Making Conversational Commerce a reality

What makes this app so special?

Key Modules

  • ChatEngine

    An easy to integrate chat-map creator that helps design unique, delightful & meaningful engagements for your leads/customers. It organizes & unifies conversations across all chat-platforms

  • ChatSense

    Add sense to your chat engagements. Easily personalise, systemise, automate and unify your business chats on most platforms like Website, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Insta Direct, Twitter DM, Slack, Telegram, etc.

  • LP Connect

    Bridge users & their conversations across all your chatbots with landing or converting pages on the website. Power your campaigns with LP Connect and get 5X better results for your investment

  • FlashCRM

    CRM that maintains a deep activity-profile of each known & unknown user. A basis for effective communication

  • DEsC

    Digital Engagement ScoreCard tracks Engagement health of your business and monitors its impact on Marketing, Sales & Service outcomes

Get your foundation in place

Digital Engagement Infrastructure Modules for serious digital growth

This is all that you need to fire-up your customer engagement engine

Quality engagement, Accelerates conversion.

Connect, guide, serve & support your audience at scale with a powerful, effective auto-conversation system

We’re GDPR Compliant !

Security & Privacy Features

We understand your data is confidential & sensitive. And needs to be protected. We've built systems to ensure that

Built-in Security

Secure integrations & workflow

Privacy Controls

Advance settings keep your data private

User Access Levels

Differentiated access base don user types


Technology delivers best value when it integrates well. With 50+ native integrations and a Zapier connection to over 500+ apps, we’ll fit right in.

  • Advisory

    Advisory on Funnel Architecture

  • Project Onboarding

    First Time Configuration & Setup of Workflow

  • Training

    Mentorship to support your learning curve

  • Assistance

    Premium Support as your SPOC

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