SAAR - Structure Analysis & Adoption Rating

Your Marketing SAAR Report

If digital marketing matters to your business in the long-term, it needs to become an integral part of your system. This comprehensive survey is designed and analysed by seasoned marketing experts. Its report will allow you & your marketing team to get a bird’s eye-view of your marketing direction.

Digital Intent





Time Required: 15-20 minutes

What all you get in the 10-page survey report?

This survey will allow us to understand and analyse the progress you’ve made in this direction so far. This is what you can expect:

  1. An analytical view of your marketing direction
  2. Validate your digital marketing approach & strategy. Get suggestions for better alternatives if required
  3. Strike the right marketing balance. If you’ve been ignoring or overdoing something, you’ll be informed and educated
  4. Evaluate scenarios where you look weak and may need an extra push

Who should fill the survey?

Your Industry

Education, Healthcare, D2C, eCommerce, Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality Sports, Spirituality

Your Business Size

Business with a decent Monthly Active Users (MAU) or Gross Merchandise Value (GMV)

Your Role

Founder, Director, CEO, 
CMO, CDO, Marketing Head, Marketing Manager, Consultant, Analyst

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